Upcoming Slot Releases for October 2023

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October is nearly here and new slot games are all set to come out with new and interesting themes with similarly enticing winnings. 

We at SlotsWolf have gone through all of them to bring you our curated pick of the best games to try out. From lost Egyptian cities to mysterious potions that give you superpowers, we have a lot in store for you. 

So keep scrolling through and without further ado, let’s see who our latest contenders are below. 

The Best Upcoming Slots for October 2023 

Here’s our list of the 10 best upcoming slots for October 2023, you can try them out right now or go through our experience before settling for a few slot releases: 

Although all of these games have what it takes to be the best, we will only be reviewing the first five entries. For more details, you can always click on the games to visit their dedicated pages. 

1. Mystic Spells: The Best Overall Slot 

mystic spells

Fantasma Games has handcrafted its latest slot entry with all the archaic runes and bright concoctions you could think of and named it Mystic Spells. 

Mysterious and dark spells, unknown keys, and clay tablets inhabit the reels alongside these potions with a dark twist behind them. 

With Mystic in it’s name, we understand that you’d rather explore more of the game on your own so let’s get down to the mechanics involved. 

Mystic Spells Mechanics 

Mystic Spells comes in a 5x5 reel configuration with 15 paylines. To win you need to land 3 to 5 matching symbols on adjacent reels from left to right. 

The RTP in-game is set to 96.01% with high volatility which means infrequent but sizable wins. 

Betting starts out at $0.20 and goes all the way up to $100 which gives everybody a decent range to place their bets in. The max win is set to 10,000x your bet which is also a major boon.

The runes with card symbols make up the lower paying symbols paying you between 0.10x to 1x your bet. The green and blue potions sit in the middle with wins between 0.5x to 5x your bet. The red, yellow, and purple potions pay the most coming in at 1x to 20x your bet. 

The golden and black spell symbols are the game’s wilds and conversely, the black and golden key symbols are the game’s scatters. Wild symbols substitute for all paying symbols except the scatter.

Mystic Spells Features

  • Black Spell Symbols - These rare symbols can randomly land on any reel with a multiplier that can go up to 100x. 

  • Black Spell Feature - When a Black Spell Symbol lands on the reels it can randomly expand to cover a maximum 3x3 grid. If two or more of these expanded symbols come in contact then their individual multipliers will multiply over the whole expanded area. 

  • Free Spins - Land 3 or more black key symbols and you will be awarded with 10 free spins. In a similar vein, landing 3 or more golden key symbols will award you with 10 sticky free spins with persistent multipliers that increase by 1 each round. 

Mystic Spells Pros 

  • Dual wild and scatter symbols 
  • Features associated with said wild and scatter symbols 

  • Modern graphics 

  • 10,000x max win

Mystic Spells Cons

  • Simplistic bonus features 

Time to dawn your wizard hat and get to brewing some magical elixirs with the Mystic Spells slot game. With great looks and quite a few mini-games, Mystic Spells takes the first place on our list. 

2. Catrinas Coins: The Best Slot for Bonus Round 

catrinas coins

Dia de los Muertos meets Piñata Calaveras in Catrina's Coins brought to us by Quickspin. The vibrant atmosphere and catchy background music make for an interesting gaming experience. 

Bottles of tequila, spicy chilies, flamboyant hats, and Catrina herself can be found in the reels. The mini-games are based on Piñatas and Stars which add to the Latin American look and feel of the game. 

With a healthy max win of 10000x, Catrinas Coins brings a visual flair with a healthy mix of interesting mechanics and features to back it up among a sea of slots with bonus rounds

Catrinas Coins Mechanics 

Catrinas Coins comes with 5x5 reels with 20 fixed paylines for you to play around with. To win you need to land 3 to 5 matching symbols from the left to right side on adjacent reels. 

The slot has an RTP of 96.06% with high volatility which we have seen many slots come out with recently. 

The range of bets starts out at $0.20 and goes up to $100 which gives players decent space to play around the stakes. The max win is capped at 10000x which we have also seen plenty of in slots this year. 

The card symbols will get you lower returns between 1.25x to 3.75x your bet for 5 matching symbols whereas the objects and Catrina will net you between 10x to 37.5x returns for the same five matches. 

The golden “W” is the game’s wild and substitutes for all paying symbols except Pinata, Coin, and Star symbols, as well as getting you between 1.25x to 75x returns for 3 to 5 matching symbols. 

The star symbol acts as the game’s jackpot and awards you a prize between 20x to 2000x your bet. 

Catrinas Coins Features 

  • Pinata Multipliers - These symbols appear randomly on the reels and bring a multiplier between 2x to 5x which is added to your win or star symbols. 

  • Catrina Coins - Landing 3 or more of these symbols engages the Pueblo del Cielo bonus game. The symbols that activate the bonus will also transform into Pueblo del Cielo bonus reels. 

  • Pueblo del Cielo Bonus - During this mini-game, you have three respins that are reset if you land more of the Pueblo del Cielo symbol. While the respins are active, Catrina Coin symbols and Star Symbols carry multipliers, and Pinata multipliers are spread across the two symbols mentioned above. 

Catrinas Coins Pros: 

  • Engaging visuals and soothing music

  • Massive 2000x jackpot 

  • Substantial bonus games 

Catrinas Coins Cons: 

  • The base game feels bland 

Quickspin’s Catrinas Coins online slot has a lot going for it with an engaging mini-game and soothing music making it ideal for longer sessions. Enough talk though, we must leave for Pueblo del Cielo at once! 

3. Akn Of Providence: The Best Slot for Progressive Jackpots

akn of providence

PopOk Gaming is one of the newest slot game providers out there and Akn Of Providence is their second time making a slot themed around ancient Egypt. 

The game comes with the usual symbols associated with Egypt but also crystals and colorful orbs which strangely, don’t feel out of place at all. 

The game also comes with 243 ways to win which is rarely seen in slots with progressive features. Let’s get down to the mechanics of the game now. 

Akn Of Providence Mechanics 

In Akn Of Providence, you have 5x3 reels with 243 paylines going from left to right on adjacent reels. To win you need 3 to 5 matching symbols to land in that configuration. 

The RTP is an even 95.53% which is slightly lower than average and the volatility can be changed based on your preference. 

Betting starts at $0.10 and goes up to $150 giving people a wider range to play around with. The max win is on the lower side at 3,400x your bet. 

The colorful gemstones are the lower-paying symbols netting you between 1x to 5x your bet based on the number of matching symbols. The flying orbs take that up to between 5x and up to 50x making them the higher-paying symbols. 

The cross and beatle symbols pay the most, getting you between 10x to 100x your bet. 

The eye with “AKN” written inside it is the game’s wild and substitutes for all paying symbols except the money symbol. There are five different money symbols in the game and get you instant rewards if fewer than three appear. 

When there are more than three symbols, their prize value is multiplied by the corresponding reel multiplier that goes up to 25x. 

Akn Of Providence Features

  • Bonus Game - Landing 6 or more bonus symbols triggers the bonus game where you get 3 respins which get reset with each additional money symbol you land. The money symbols get you multipliers which can go up to 20x during this bonus round. 

Akn Of Providence Pros: 

  • High wild multipliers 

  • 243 ways to win 

  • Instant prizes with money symbols 

  • Progressive Jackpot 

Akn Of Providence Cons: 

  • Uninspired design 

  • Overused mini-game 

Akn Of Providence has a lot going for it if you haven’t played games like it with a progressive jackpot system and a free spins round that could keep going for a long time. Time to channel your inner Indiana Jones and find those rare artifacts hidden deep beneath these Egyptian tombs. 

4. Cleopatra’s Treasure: The Best Slot for Symbols 

cleopatra's treasure

Surprisingly, we have another slot with an Egyptian theme, and this time it’s from MGA. Cleopatra's Treasure is themed after the old-school flash slot games that had a similar vibe. 

The slot brings a more even and complete look to Egypt with Pyramids and ancient temples in the background and the various Gods alongside Cleopatra on the reels. 

A maximum prize of 5,500x as well as three hidden prizes are on the line if you can solve the riddles to get to Cleopatra's Treasure. Let’s quickly get to the in-game mechanics to get a thorough idea. 

Cleopatra’s Treasure Mechanics 

In Cleopatra’s Treasure, you start off with the familiar 5x3 reels we all know and love alongside 10 paylines that reward you from left to right on adjacent reels. 

The slot has an RTP of 86.35% which is significantly lower than most other games as well as medium volatility which makes wins more frequent. 

The betting range is once again, a bit of a drag starting out at $0.10 and going up to only $10. On the other hand, the max win of 5,500x makes the game enticing anyway. 

The golden card symbols are the minors here with payouts ranging between 8x to 15x for 5 matching symbols. The Gods and Artifact symbols raise the wins by between 75x to 500x your bet for 5 matches which is a significant jump. 

The Cleopatra symbol acts as the game’s wild and substitutes for all symbols except the bonus symbol which is denoted by the blue orb. 

Cleopatra’s Treasure Features

  • Free Spins - Landing 3 or more bonus symbols gets you 10 free spins. During these spins, a random expanding symbol is active and helps you create more winning combinations. 

  • Prize Draw - There is also a prize draw feature which comes with three characters, a sarcophagus, Cleopatra, and Anubis. Each of them has a hidden prize associated with them which goes up to 120x your bet. 

Cleopatra’s Treasure Pros: 

  • Beautiful visuals 

  • 5,500x max win 

  • Up to 120x secret prize 

Cleopatra’s Treasure Cons: 

  • Low RTP 

  • Restrictive betting range 

Now that you know all the secrets that Cleopatra’s Treasure game has, isn’t it about time you try it out and finally discover her treasure for yourself? The journey won’t be easy but with the help of Ra and Anubis, you might just get past all that stands in your way and claim the treasure for yourself! 

5. Brasil Farm: The Best Slot for Big Winnings 

brasil farm

Onlyplay’s latest foray into the slot world comes in the form of Brasil Farm, a game that takes you deep into the dense jungles of Brazil. 

Toucans, Snakes, Leopards, and all kinds of dangerous yet majestic animals inhabit the reels. Now that is a farm we want to stay well away from, but what we can’t overlook is the insane max win of 45000x. 

With high stakes and even higher wins, Brasil Farm aims to be a mechanically simple yet polished entry that also competes against slots with big payouts. Let’s discuss whether or not it succeeded in doing that below. 

Brasil Farm Mechanics 

The mechanics of Brasil Farm are as simplistic as they come, you have the standard 5x3 reel setup with 20 paylines that start from left to right on adjacent reels. 

The slot comes with an RTP of 95.36% and medium volatility which helps it strike a balance between frequent and substantial wins. The max win as discussed previously, is 45000x your bet. 

The betting range starts at $1 and goes up to $50 with little customization which is one of the game’s downsides, at least in our opinion. 

The animal symbols make up the minor symbols with the snake and toucan getting you 5x your bet for 5 matching symbols. The leopard and anteater pay 10x for the same, and the beaver and coati get you 20x your bet. 

The wild and scatter pay considerably higher at 50x and 250x respectively for five matching symbols. The wild symbols also substitute for other paying symbols except for the scatter. 

Brasil Farm Features 

  • Mini Reel Multiplier - The only in-game feature in Brasil Farm is a mini reel on top of the playing grid. In these reels, landing matching bana symbols can get you between 3x to 9x multipliers.

Brasil Farm Pros: 

  • Engaging visuals and design 

  • Symbol payout up to 250x 

  • High max win of 45000x

Brasil Farm Cons: 

  • No in-game features 

Brasil Farm by Onlyplay is ready to take players on a fascinating journey through the jungle canopy with all kinds of wild animals on the loose. It is a safari and you are invited, so pack your bags and get to spinning already! 

How We Selected the Best Upcoming Slots for October 2023?

A lot of thought goes into our list of the 10 best slot games for October 2023 so we decided it’s only fair that you guys get the inside scoop and get some idea as to how we rate them. 

Now we know that our subjective opinion will always play a small part and RTP is always a factor, but other than that here are a few metrics we judge upcoming slot games on: 

  • Graphics and Art Style: We understand that slot games need a definitive and modern look to be popular among you guys so we always give games with a high degree of visual polish a chance to shine. 
  • Mobile Compatibility & Optimization: More and more players are opting in to play their slot games on mobile devices so we always give games created via HTML5 a small boost in preference. Games that are optimized for one-handed play also get a thumbs-up from us. 
  • Mechanics and Features: Without fair and detailed mechanics and solid in-game features to back them up, online slot games can get repetitive quickly. We always give slots with new and innovative features a chance to shine on our list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many free spins can I get in Mystic Spells?

Landing 3 black or golden spell symbols will award you 10 free spins in-game with different abilities for both symbols. 

What are the jackpots available in Catrina’s Coins? 

There are four different jackpots worth 20x, 100x, 500x, and 2000x your bet. 

What’s the range of win multipliers on money symbols in the Akn Of Providence? 

There are five money symbols in Akn Of Providence and they can get you win multipliers between 1x to 20x. 

What’s the highest win on symbols in Cleopatra’s Treasure? 

Collecting 5 golden eye of Ra symbols will get you a 500x win reward in Cleopatra’s Treasure. 

How to get expanding symbols in Cleopatra’s Treasure?

To get expanding symbols in  Cleopatra’s Treasure, you need to 3 or more wild symbols and start the free spins mini-game. 

What’s the maximum win in Brasil Farm?

Brasil Farm gets you the chance to win up to 45,000x your bet which is significantly higher than most other slot games. 

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