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When it comes to video slots, autoplay is one of the most popular features. Once activated, the autoplay feature will spin the reels for you, so you won’t have to play it yourself. Don’t worry, you’ll see the result of each automatic spin before the next one starts. If you were looking for some of the best autoplay slots, you’ve come to the right place!

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How Does the Autoplay Feature Work?

As we previously mentioned, the autoplay feature will automatically spin the reels of a slot machine for you. You can get started by clicking the Autoplay button present on every slot. You’ll then have to manually set it up so it works as intended. Not every slot machine will have the same options but there are a few common settings you can look for.

One of them is the number of automatic spins you’ll want. Then, you’ll have to choose how much you want to bet, how many active paylines there will be or the maximum win/loss limit. And while this might sound obvious, you will be paying for every automatic spin, just like you would for a manual one.

Some slot machines will also stop the autoplay feature once you hit a bonus round or some free spins. That’s usually because in the newer video slots, these mini-games require some form of interaction from the player. You can watch the autoplay feature in action in NetEnt’s Codex of Fortune, as pictured below.

Codex of Fortune Autoplay

Why You Should Play Slots with Autoplay

You should definitely try slots with autoplay when you’re quickly trying to get a bonus from an online casino. Often, these bonuses are awarded for slots, so you’ll probably want to meet the wagering requirements as soon as possible to be able to cash out on your bonus. There are also timed bonuses that you risk losing if you don’t play them in the given time frame. In such cases, the autoplay slots will definitely come in handy.

You should also go for slots with autoplay if you’re trying to hit a big progressive jackpot. The autoplay feature will maximize the number of spins in a shorter amount of time, offering you better chances at hitting that jackpot before your competitors. 

Pros of Using the Autoplay Feature

The main benefit of using the autoplay feature is that it’ll allow you to multitask while you play a slot. You can just sit back, relax and watch as the prizes come to you automatically. If you’re chasing a special bonus feature or some free spins, the autoplay will also speed up that process. You can also use the autoplay feature on the go, on your mobile phone so the wins can add up while you’re waiting in line or commuting for work.

Cons of Using the Autoplay Feature

Just as any other feature, autoplay comes with its disadvantages as well. If you enjoy slots for their visuals, you might miss out on some awesome animations or graphics while you have autoplay on. 

You should also reconsider using autoplay if you have any type of strategy that involves adjusting the bet level as you play. Moreover, you might find your balance drained at a faster pace, as these automated spins are not free and it’s easy to forget that when the reels are spinning by themselves. 

Autoplay Slots FAQ

Can I play slots with autoplay for free?
You sure can! All the slots with autoplay on this page are free to play for as long as you like. However, if you find one that you just can’t get enough of, you’re more than welcome to upgrade your experience in our Real Money Slots section.
What is the autoplay feature?
As the name suggests, the autoplay feature will let you play a slot without actually playing it. When the autoplay feature is active, the reels will spin by themselves, with no input from you.
Does autoplay stay active during bonus rounds?
This depends on the settings you’ve made (if the slot allows that). Some slots will allow you to stop the autoplay feature when a bonus round starts. Just keep in mind that during the free spins, autoplay is on by default and there’s nothing you can do to change that.
How does the autoplay feature work?

When you use the autoplay feature, you’ll first set a number of automatic spins. Most of the slots will have advanced settings such as loss and win limit, while others will simply start the feature with no input from you.

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