Slots with Rotating Reels

Slots with rotating reels are not a very common occurrence. But when you stumble upon one of them, make sure to give it a try. Rotating reels slots are extremely fun to play, extremely profitable, and extremely thrilling! So just choose your favorite and get to spinning. No account registration or download is required.

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What Are Rotating Reels?

You won’t be encountering the rotating reels during the base gameplay of a slot. Instead, they’re usually part of a bonus round or offered as an addition to the free spins. When the rotating reels feature gets triggered, you’ll be playing a spin as you usually would. After the spin is done and the wins are paid, you’ll see the grid rotating 90 degrees. This will keep happening until the reels are back to their initial spot. The winning potential is there for every rotation.

This means that you’ll be enjoying prizes for the same paylines in four different directions. That’s four more spins that you won’t have to pay for.

Slots with Rotating Reels overview

Why Should You Play Slots with Rotating Reels?

The main advantage this feature brings to punters is that every rotating spin has huge reward potential. Especially if you manage to land many similar symbols at the same time - they’ll give you money from every direction. Basically, the rotating reels feature will bring you four times more wins than a regular spin. 


Are There Disadvantages to Rotating Reels?

At a first glance, you would say that there’s no way this feature can have disadvantages. However, as it’s the case with many other bonuses, rotating reels slots can come with some drawbacks. First of all, remember that this feature only shows up during the free spins. So if you don’t trigger those, you won’t get the rotating reels either.

Second of all, there’s nothing that guarantees the success of every rotation. Sure, prizes are more likely but there is a chance the reels will stop rotating without having awarded any wins. The rotating reels feature is more of a gimmick - so if you’d rather enjoy something simple, rotating slot games aren’t for you.


Why You Should Play Slots with Rotating Reels

Slots with rotating reels are incredibly fun. Besides the fun, the winning potential they have can be quite huge. And we know there’s nothing better than a video slot that’s both fun and lucrative. Most of the developers have also added some stunning animations when this feature kicks in. So that’s also a nice bonus if you’re a fan of great visuals.


Rotating Slot Games FAQs

How do rotating reels work?

The reels will start rotating 90 degrees four times. Each rotation has the potential to trigger new wins. 

Can I play slots with rotating reels for free?
Yes, all the rotating reels slots on this page are free to play for as long as you want. If, however, you want to upgrade your experience, you’ll find many great casinos in our Real Money Slots list.
Are rotating reels slots profitable?
Yes, rotating slot games have the potential to be very profitable. That’s because on every rotation, you get a chance at a new win. And you don’t have to pay extra for those.
What are the best slots with rotating reels?

According to votes from our users, the best slots with rotating reels on SlotsWolf are Reno 7s by Quickspin, Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness by Play n GO and The Wild Class by Play n GO.