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What Are Wilds in Slot Machines?

Before we can get to the Sticky Wilds, we first have to know what the regular Wilds are all about. For those players who are not very familiar with slot machines, these symbols might pose quite a dilemma. But Wilds have been around from the very first slot machines and they’re very easy to understand. 

The Wild is a special symbol that will substitute any other icon on the reels. There are exceptions to this rule and those are the Scatters or other bonus symbols. You can think of the Wild as the Joker in a deck of cards - if you have two similar symbols on reels one and two, a Wild symbol placed on the third reel will offer you a winning combination. 

Sticky Wilds: What Are They and How Do They Work?

The Sticky Wilds are not so different from the regular Wilds. They will still replace any other symbols on the reels (with the aforementioned exceptions). The only difference is that the Sticky Wilds will stay locked in place for the entire time the feature they’re included in is active. This opens up the possibility for more wins, as you won’t have to depend on chance to land another Wild.

When combined with free spins, the winning potential of Sticky Wilds receives a massive boost. That’s because during this bonus round, the RTP of the slot is usually increased - you’ll get to play for free, while enjoying some extra wins from the Sticky Wilds.

Sticky Wild Feature Slots

Common Features of Sticky Wilds

If you play Sticky Wilds slots, you will notice that these symbols don’t have a set time to appear. They can show up at random, during a bonus round or during the free spins. Sometimes, the Sticky Wilds are a bonus themselves. Depending on the developer, the Sticky Wilds can act in one of the following ways:

  • They can stay on the reels for a certain number of spins;

  • They can stay stickied for a couple of re-spins;

  • They can remain on the grid until you win a certain amount of money;

  • They can be stickied until deactivated by a certain icon.

Play Games with Sticky Wilds for Real Money

If you’ve stumbled across one or more Sticky Wild slot machines that you can’t get enough of, it’s time to upgrade your experience. You can do that in our Real Money Slots section where you’ll find a list of online casinos you can play at. 

There are currently more than 1500 casinos, each with its own attractive bonuses and offers. You can even check out our No Deposit Slots section to see if your favorite slots with Sticky Wilds are on that list.

Sticky Wilds Slot FAQ

What are Sticky Wilds?

In slot machines, Sticky Wilds are a special type of Wild symbol that remains on the reels until certain conditions are met. They’re more common during free spins but they can also show up at random, depending on the developer.

What are Wilds in slot machines?
Wilds are special symbols that have the main function of replacing any other icon on the reels. They usually don’t replace other special icons such as Scatters or bonus symbols.
What slots have Sticky Wilds?
Sticky Wilds are more commonly found in modern video and 3D slots. These slots will give you multiple special features and bonuses (such as Sticky Wilds), while providing a visual spectacle with amazing graphics and entrancing background music.
Where can I play games with Sticky Wilds for free?
You can play slots with Sticky Wilds right on this page, for free! All you need to do is choose a slot that appeals to you and start spinning instantly. No account registration or download required.
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