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The use of mobile devices has increased in the last few decades. Naturally, slots have also evolved to the point where they can be played on smaller screens. On this page, you’ll find more than 6000 mobile titles to choose from. So take your time, browse through them and find your new favorite mobile slot!

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The use of mobile devices has increased in the last few decades. Naturally, slots have also evolved to the point where they can be played on smaller screens. On this page, you’ll find more than 6000 mobile titles to choose from. So take your time, browse through them and find your new favorite mobile slot!

About Mobile Slots

The transition from classic slots to mobile has not been a fast one. Some of the most classic slots might not look brilliant on mobile devices and that has been an issue that kept developers from adapting. But as time passed, the need for mobile and tablet slots has increased - people are always on the go and they might not always have access to a desktop to play slots on. 

The first developer to jump on this trend was Microgaming, who pioneered mobile slots in 2014. Since then, more than 70% of the iGaming industry functions on mobile devices. The use of HTML5 also helped ease this transition, as this technology is built to support smaller screens as well. An example of a great slot that runs smoothly on all platforms in NetEnt’s Twin Spin

Mobile Slots

How are Mobile Slots better than regular slots?

There are many reasons why you should play free slots on mobile. First and foremost, you can play them from anywhere, at any time of your choosing. But that’s not all there is to these mobile slots, so let’s see what are the best reasons you should play them!

  • No download required. Usually, when you want to play a game on your phone, you’d have to download a dedicated app. In the case of mobile slots, you won’t have to do that because you can just play them from your mobile’s browser. Easy, fast and convenient. On top of that, you won’t have to overload your device’s storage either. 

  • Same quality, different devices. Back in the old days, if you wanted to enjoy something on mobile, you would’ve had to downgrade the quality. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore because nowadays, the mobile slots are on par (if not even better sometimes) than their desktop counterparts. Developers are working tirelessly to make sure you have a great experience, no matter the device.

  • Exclusive bonuses and offers. Many online casinos offer targeted bonuses and offers for mobile players. You can find them on the dedicated sections of the online casino, on promotional banners in the app or even in newsletters, should you choose to subscribe.

Mobile Slots Particularities

Now that we’ve seen some of the advantages of playing mobile slots, it’s time to talk about some things that you should do or check if you want to get the most out of your mobile gambling session. 

  • Check your internet. As it’s the case with desktop slots, you’ll have to make sure your internet connection is solid. If your internet is slow, you’ll get frustrated at the longer loading times, lag, shorter time of playing and longer times between sessions. That’s why we always recommend you have a stable internet connection, be it wi-fi or mobile data. 

  • Mind the complexity. We’re talking about the slots’ complexity here. Some of these games can feature quite the advanced graphics, along with a certain number of features. When you’re playing these types of slots on mobile, make sure you keep an eye on your battery life, as these slots tend to drain it pretty fast.

  • Check your device’s specifications. If you own a newer device (phone or tablet), it will obviously come with better processing power that makes things a lot smoother. But since not everyone has the latest iPhone, we recommend you go for the more simple slots on mobile and play the demanding ones on a desktop. 

Safety and Security

When playing mobile slots, you won’t have to worry about security issues, as they’re just as safe as their desktop counterparts. But if you want to be completely sure and gain peace of mind, check the online casino’s Terms and Conditions. On that page, they will usually feature the logos of the established licensing authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission, or eCOGRA. 

However, that could prove useless if your internet connection isn’t as secure. So if you’re using a public wi-fi or an unprotected one, we recommend you play through a VPN. This way, you don’t risk exposing sensitive information that could be used to harm you. 

OS Compatibility

Usually, you won’t have to worry about a mobile slot not being available on your platform. Developers want to make sure their games reach as many people as possible, so they’re taking every step necessary to make them available on both iOS and Android devices. 

For example, BetSoft studio even has a dedicated category of games called ToGo™. The first ToGo™ title was launched in 2011 and the collection keeps growing and getting better as time passes. Some developers, such as MicroGaming and NetEnt even have dedicated mobile apps where you can find all their mobile titles.

Mobile Slots FAQ

Are there any free slots games for Android phones?
Yes! Developers are always striving to bring all their mobile slots on all the available platforms. So whether you prefer Android or iOS, you’ll surely find a slot to play!
Can I play free slots on mobile?

Yes, there’s a wide variety of mobile slots available. Just browse through our list and choose one of the 6000+ titles to enjoy. And if you want to upgrade your experience, you can always head over to our Real Money Slots section to play for and win real money!

Why can’t I play all slots on mobile?
Some of the older or more complex slots won’t be available on mobile. Usually, this happens because these slots use older technology that can’t quite be adapted, or the number of features and the demanding graphics can’t be properly rendered on a smaller screen.

Can I play progressive slots on mobile?

Yes! Some of the best progressive jackpot slots can also be played on mobile. In fact, even the most popular progressive slot - Mega Moolah by MicroGaming - can be played on a smaller screen!
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