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If you don’t have a huge budget but still want to enjoy some slots, you’re in the right place! This page has more than 3000 slots that you can play from as little as $0.01 per spin. Each and every one of these penny slots is playable for free, no account or download required

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What Are Penny Slots?

To put it plainly, penny slots are slot machines that can be played for just 1 cent per line. Because the penny is used in all the currencies to define the smallest amount, these slots have been since called “penny slots”. Over time, some of these iGames have evolved to needing a minimum number of lines to bet on, so players will end up betting 25c, 40c or even 50c per spin. However, it’s still cheaper and a good option for people who don’t feel like spending too much money on slots. 

Play Penny Slots for Free

Sure, penny slots are cheap but do you know what’s better than cheap? That’s right - free! The SlotsWolf penny slots compendium has more than 3000 penny slots that you can play for free on your mobile device or desktop, without having to create an account or download extra software. 

How Do Penny Slots Work?

There are no differences in the mechanics of penny slots compared to the classic ones - you bet a penny on the slot, press the Spin button and the reels will spin. If the right combination of symbols lands, you get a win. Easy, right?

Depending on your playstyle and budget, you can adjust the wagered amount. So if you feel extra lucky and want to bet more on a penny slot, you’re free to do that. But if you want to keep it safe, you can play the whole thing with just a penny per spin. 

Penny Slots Compared to Other Slots

Even though they’re almost the same, there are some differences between penny slots and regular ones. Some people might make the mistake of confusing the penny slots for free to play slots. When trying to correctly assess them, just keep in mind that all penny slots can be free to play, while not all the free slots can be penny slots. That being said, let’s take a look at the most notable differences:

  • Winnings. It’s true that the size of the bet increases the size of your winnings. Seeing as penny slots are cheaper, it’s only natural that the wins won’t be life-changing either. That’s not to say you can’t win big - you just have fewer chances to do so. 

  • Playstyle. The penny slots are a good fit for the gamblers who don’t like to spend a fortune on slots. The high-rollers usually tend to keep away from these iGames, since the gameplay is better suited for the ones who like to keep it safe and take their time with their slots. 

  • Bonus Features. You might think that just because they’re cheap, penny slots won’t have any bonus features. And you’d be wrong. A penny slot can have all the great features of a more expensive one - free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers and even jackpots. 

How to Win on Penny Slots

Many gamblers have stories about winning big on penny slots. But what can be considered a big win when you’re playing for pennies? All the iGames list their maximum payout - make sure to check that out so you can manage your expectations. 

So are there any winning strategies for penny slots? In short - no, not really. As it’s the case with their most expensive counterparts, the penny slots run on an RNG (Random Number Generator) mechanic that ensures the outcome is random and can’t be influenced. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The Budget. Sure, 1c per spin won’t seem like much but when you’re playing a slot with 30 lines, you’ll still have to pay $0.30 per spin. If you’re tight on cash and don’t have a huge budget, you might want to check your balance from time to time to make sure you’re not running out of credits sooner than planned. 

  • The Bet. Penny slots let you spin the reels for cheap. But when it comes to the active paylines (the ones you actually bet on), the bet can go up. Some slot machines don’t automatically start with the minimum amount so you’ll have to adjust that from the settings. Just keep in mind to check your bet before every spin. 

Play Penny Slots for Real Money

If you’re ready to take your penny slots experience to a whole new level, make sure to check out our Real Money Slots section. You’ll find an extensive list of online casinos you can play at. We have all the information you need, including ratings and reviews so you won’t be playing blindly! On top of that, some online casinos even have great welcome bonuses you can take advantage of.

Free Penny Slots FAQs

1. Can you win money on penny slots?
Of course! While not life-changing, you can still make good wins on penny slots. On top of that, some penny slots have also been linked to some massive progressive jackpots. 
2. What are the best penny slots to play?

If you want to find the best penny slots to play, you can scroll up and sort the list by Top Rated. Currently, Joker Stacks by iSoftBet is the number one, followed by Cherry Crown by CT Gaming. 

3. Are dollar slots better than penny slots?
The one-payline dollar slots usually provide higher payouts and jackpots. However, penny slots are cheaper and provide more frequent wins. It all depends on your playstyle.
4. Should you bet max on penny slots?

Betting max is usually a great idea, whether you’re playing penny slots or regular ones. This considerably increases your chances at a good win, especially if you’re playing progressive penny slots. 

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