Upcoming Slot Releases for July 2023

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The gambling industry is advancing at a dizzying pace, and July 2023 is no different. New slots are coming out left, right, and center. 

With so much going on, it is hard for slot gaming fans to keep up with all the latest releases and pick the best among them to try out. 

However, we at SlotsWolf have you covered on that front. Here are the upcoming slot releases for July 2023 that have the most hype behind them so that you can try them out for free. 

The Best Upcoming Slots for July 2023

Let’s dive right into the latest releases and find out the best slots coming out this month. Meet the new slot games that will be taking up the limelight! 

We will review the first five slots, but we definitely recommend checking out all of the games on this list, as they all have something worth experiencing. 

1. Wish Granted: The Best Overall Slot 

Wish Granted upcoming slots for july 2023

Arabian Nights got a reboot, and this time it's all about gambling! Or so it may seem when you first boot up Wish Granted. 

BetSoft’s latest entry takes you to the exotic world of Arabia, where magic is rife and plenty of riches are ready and waiting to be won over. 

Don’t believe us? Maybe the 243 ways to win and 5,000x max win will help us change your mind. 

Wish Granted Theme 

The Arabian theme in Wish Granted takes the cartoonish art style with palaces, palm trees, and women with scimitars taking the forefront. 

Hints of gold and exotic materials like gemstones, golden daggers, crossbows, incense, and magic potions take up the center of the screen when you first boot up the game. 

Lamps with genies and magic carpets also hint at a possible reference to Arabian Nights, and so does the music. 

Wish Granted Game Mechanics 

Wish Granted comes with a standard 5x3 reel layout with 243 ways to win. The RTP of the slot is above average at 96.41%, and it’s considered to have medium volatility, which means more frequent wins. 

The betting range is a bit quirky, with bets starting from $0.25 and going up to $80. The max win is similarly quite impressive, going up to 5,000x your bet. 

The crystals are considered to be the lower-paying symbols with returns ranging from 0.01x to 0.2x your bet depending on the number of matching symbols. The themed symbols are the higher-paying symbols and get you anywhere from 0.03x to 0.3x your bet. 

The wilds are denoted by the genie lamps and only appear between reels 2 to 5. The wilds substitute for all symbols except the golden coins. These gold coins are the game’s scatter symbol. 

Wish Granted Features

  • Nudging Multiplier wilds - While spinning, a stack of wild reels will slowly nudge downwards to create a fully wild reel. This awards you multipliers like 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, or 10x. 
  • Hold and Win Bonus - Landing 6 or more scatter symbols will trigger the Hold and Win bonus. This locks the bonus symbols into place and awards you 3 free spins. The symbols also get you bonuses ranging from 1x to 500x your bet depending on the number of scatters. 
  • Stacked Mystery Symbols - Reels will have these stacked Mystery Symbols in the form of flying carpets that reveal random symbols after a spin is complete. 

Wish Granted Pros: 

  • Creative theme and art Style 
  • Above-Average RTP and medium volatility 
  • 5000x max win 
  • Bonus features are fun 

Wish Granted Cons: 

  • Bonus features are hard to trigger 

The enchanting Arabain world is full of gold and riches, and the royal palaces won’t discover themselves! Time to go on an adventure in the middle east and achieve our wishes of winning it big on Wish Granted slot

2. Frogs & Bugs: The Best Slot for Beginners 

Frogs & Bugs slot

Our next entry comes from the folks over at Pragmatic Play with a happy-go-lucky cheer all around it. 

Frogs & Bugs is a far cry from more action-packed slots and takes you into a cute swamp full of fruits, bugs, and of course, frogs! 

The natural aesthetic with impressive graphics and unique art style won’t wow you with its features but is ideal for longer sessions for your late-night gaming. 

Frogs & Bugs Theme 

The theme of Frogs & Bugs is as simple as it gets. You are thrust into a magical pond full of various colorful frogs, bugs, and fruits. 

The surroundings are quite serene, with heart-shaped taro leaves all over a small pond. Crickets and butterflies fly over the pond, too, which gives it a lively feel. 

The music is quite heartwarming with soothing piano notes, and the sound effects take a backseat to let the background music shine. 

Frogs & Bugs Game Mechanics 

The slot takes a 6x3 grid which goes up to a 6x5 grid with a maximum of 6,400 ways to win as long as you get matching characters from left to right in adjacent grids. The game has a healthy RTP of 96.43% and comes with high volatility. 

The betting range starts at $0.25 and goes all the way up to $125, which is accessible to all players. The max win is capped at 3,000x your bet, which is decent. 

The colorful card symbols pay the least, with 6 matching symbols giving you 0.04x to 0.07x your bet. The fruits get you between 0.07x to 0.2x your bet for the same. The frogs pay the highest at 0.25x to 0.5x your bet for 6 matching symbols. 

The game has no wilds, and the scatter symbol is the bug. 

Frogs & Bugs Features

  • Free Spins - Four or more scatters landing anywhere on the reels trigger the free spins feature. The reels expand to a 6x5 grid and offer you 8 free spins as well as an instant pay between 5x to 35x your bet, depending on the number of scatters. 
  • Winning symbols tumble - After getting a winning combination, the winning symbols and scatters will tumble down at the bottom of the reels and stay for the next spin to form more winning combinations. 

Frogs & Bugs Pros: 

  • Up to 6,400 ways to win 
  • Wide betting range 
  • Charming art style and polished graphics 

Frogs & Bugs Cons: 

  • Limited bonus features 
  • No wilds 

For people just getting into slots or looking for something simple and refreshing, Frogs & Bugs online slot has a lot to offer. Who wouldn’t want to jump into this beautiful world of frogs and bugs after all? Step into this magical world here on our website for free! 

3. Mighty Wild™ Panther: The Best Slot for High Rollers 

Mighty Wild™ Panther slot

Disney’s Jungle Book had a black panther, and it could take a hint or two from the Mighty Wild Panther slot. 

The Hold the Jackpot feature might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but Wazdan definitely nailed the design and theme of the slot perfectly. 

You are actively bombarded with features once you open up the game, but with a bit of practice, there are a lot of positives that we need to discuss. 

Mighty Wild™ Panther Theme 

Mighty Wild Panther takes you deep inside the jungles, where predators rule the lands. One such predator is the black panther pictured on the reels. 

The surroundings are atmospheric, with a thick fog obscuring your vision. In an intense atmosphere like this, the panther sees you way before you see it. 

The tribal drums and instruments in the background music also add to the jungle theme and round off the presentation nicely. 

Mighty Wild™ Panther Game Mechanics 

The slot has a unique design with 5x3 reels, but there are no grids to be found. You don’t win by matching symbols either, to win money, you must get to the Hold the Jackpot mini-game. The slot has an RTP of 96.15% and comes with variable volatility. 

The betting range is the biggest highlight here, as it starts at $0.20 and goes all the way up to $10,000. The max win of 750x your bet might seem small, but getting there is much easier this time around. 

All you need are 6 or more symbols which can be anything from coin symbols, jackpot symbols, collector symbols, mystery symbols, or jackpot mystery symbols. Once you get them in any order, you will trigger the bonus round, where you start to make money. 

Mighty Wild™ Panther Features 

  • Cash Infinity - During the Hold the Jackpot stage, you can randomly get these symbols, and they are fixed till the end of the mini-game. They offer 5x to 10x your bet as a reward at the end of the round. 
  • Wild Rampage - This is another bonus game that is triggered by 6 or more wild rampage symbols. You start off with 3 free spins and get awarded 3 more for every bonus symbol you get. All bonus symbols stick to the reels, and the game continues until you have finished up your spins or you get all fifteen slots filled with symbols. 
  • Chance Level - You can boost your chances of winning by betting 2x, 4x, or 6x your bet. 

Mighty Wild™ Panther Pros: 

  • Innovative and strategic gameplay
  • Bonus games are fun 
  • Widest betting range ever 

Mighty Wild™ Panther Cons: 

  • The base game is empty 
  • Max win of 750x your bet 

People who love Hold the Jackpot slots have no excuse to miss out on Mighty Wild™ Panther slot. With compelling design and graphics, it's only natural to want to experience the majestic black panther in action! 

4. Joker Loot: The Best Slot for Innovative Gameplay 

Joker Loot slot

Ever wondered what those harmless-looking jokers are hiding under their lair? I never trusted them, and I know you didn’t either. 

Joker Loot will take you down the rabbit hole of these mischievous clowns and let you win all of their riches if you’re lucky. 

Jam-packed with bonus features and a max win of 12,000x your bet, Joker Loot might just be one of the most action-packed slots this month. 

Joker Loot Theme

The theme of this slot revolves around the Joker and his underground cave. 

He has been hiding his riches for far too long, now that you have stumbled onto his cave, it's your turn to get lucky. 

Watch out for all his traps and bombs, and you will be rewarded with gold coins, precious stones, and golden artefacts! 

The Joker is never too far away though, so be quick and get what you can!  

Joker Loot Game Mechanics 

Joker Loot comes as a 5x5 slot with 3,215 ways to win. It has an RTP of 95.95%, which is slightly below average and has high volatility, which leads to fewer but bigger wins. 

The betting range is slightly restrictive, starting out at $0.20 and going up to $50. The max win, on the other hand, is a massive 12,000x your max bet. 

The different colored crystals are the lower-paying symbols paying around 0.5x to 0.75x your bet for 5 matching symbols. The golden artefacts are the higher-paying symbols getting you between 1x to 5x your bet for five symbols. 

Wild Blasts substitute for all normal paying symbols except the joker scatter and the cash boost symbol. The wilds also explode when they horizontally align the cash hop symbol with the cash hop meter on the right to make way for both of them. 

Joker Loot Features 

  • Cash Hop - A pouch full of gold coins will progressively go down with each spin, starting with the value of 10x your bet. It goes up when you land multiplier blanks and cash boost symbols. This directly affects the looting bonus game. 
  • Looting! - The Looting! Bonus feature is activated whenever a multiplier blank or cash boost symbol aligns with the cash hop meter horizontally. After their action is complete, they disappear to make way for the Cash Hop to occupy that space. Each time there’s a movement of the Cash Hop, you get a free spin. The Cash Hop then attempts to move to the right side of the screen and awards you all the value. 
  • Free Spins - Landing 3 or more scatters awards you 8 free spins. Before the free spins start, you also go through a bonus of 3 mini-wheel spins which award you with multipliers for the Cash Hop. 

 Joker Loot Pros: 

  • 3215 ways to win 
  • Cash Hop multipliers 
  • Max win of 12,000x your bet 

Joker Loot Cons: 

  • Restrictive betting range 
  • Complicated mini-games 

With an advanced and fun Cash Hop concept, Joker Loot slot machine takes on a more thrilling experience as you see those cash pouches bounce and make their way around the reels. Want to see all of the hidden gems of this Joker? Try it here for free!

5. Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win: The Best Slot for Theme 

Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win slot

Back in Ancient Greece, we go with Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win. iSoftBet’s latest entry takes the fierce Medusa and fuses her with King Midas’ powers. 

The Gorgon might have had a tragic story in Greek myths, but this time around, she is more open to testing people. Do you have what it takes to accept her challenge? 

For your troubles, you stand a chance to 15,000x your stakes. 

Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win Theme 

The game pays homage to the Greek underworld through its background. 

Dilapidated ancient pillars and statues are dotted across the landscape in the fiery underworld where Medusa is. 

Helmets of Spartan soldiers and their poisoned Xiphos are a common sight. They are joined by bows and arrows, soldiers stuck in her spell, Athena’s shield, and the mythical Pegasus. 

The background music is orchestral as if you’re down to have your final showdown against the Gorgon sisters. 

Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win Game Mechanics 

The Gaze of Gold slot comes in the 5x3 reel format with 20 paylines. The RTP is set at 96%, which is average, and the slot is considered highly volatile. 

Betting starts at $0.20 and ends at $20, which could be disappointing for some players. However, the 15,000x max win definitely makes up for the smaller betting range. 

The letter symbols are the lower paying symbols giving out 0.3x to 1x your bet. The bow and arrow, helmet and sword, pegasus, and hoplite warrior pay between 1.5x to 5x your bet. 

The eye of Medusa is the game’s wild, and it substitutes for all paying symbols except the golden shield, which is the game’s scatter. 

Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win Features

  • Gorgon’s Gaze Modifier - This feature activates randomly between spins and turns the golden shield and winning symbols to stone, locking them in the process. They go on to create more winning combos on the next spin. 
  • Mega Hold & Win - Five scatters simultaneously landing anywhere on the reels trigger the Mega Hold & Win feature. You get three respins, and the scatter symbols carry multipliers between 1x to 50x your bet during this stage. With every additional scatter, you get more spins and a chance to expand the reels up to 11x7. Booster symbols also help you win more with various multipliers. You can also simply buy the feature for 100x your bet. 
  • Golden Bet - This is a side bet that increases your chances of triggering the Mega Hold & Win feature. 

Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win Pros: 

  • High-quality graphics and background music 
  • 15,000x max win 
  • Hold & Win feature is exciting 

Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win Cons: 

  • Small betting range 

Do you think you have what it takes to take on the mythical Medusa? So many before you have failed, but it is time to dawn your cape and raise your spear. The ancient gorgons are hiding treasure beyond your wildest dreams in the Gaze of Gold Mega Hold & Win slot

How We Selected the Best Upcoming Slots for July 2023

We made some bold comments on the games we tested today. With new slots coming in every month, judging these games fairly makes sure you get recommended the very best. 

Although our subjective opinion plays a small part, it’s always handy to know why and how we rate these slots so you can make a more informed decision. 

Let’s quickly go through all of our priorities: 

  • RTP and Volatility - An average to high RTP and low volatility would make slots much more rewarding. To conserve your bankroll, we always prioritize slots with the best odds. 
  • Graphics and Art Style - Games with unique and polished art styles go a long way to being remembered as classics. Add to that good graphics, and the visual appeal of the game makes it much more fun to play! 
  • Number of Features - We understand that sometimes slots can feel much more enjoyable if you have exciting bonus features and side bets to go along with them. We try to prioritize new or well-loved features in the upcoming slots. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Upcoming Slots for July 2023

What is the Stacked Mystery Symbol in Wish Granted? 

When spinning the reels in Wish Granted, you will come across magic carpets that fly away, revealing symbols. These are the Stacked Mystery Symbols, and they can reveal any normal paying symbols. 

Are there any random multipliers when the free spins activate in Frogs & Bugs?  

Although you don’t get any random multipliers in the game, you can win between 5x to 35x when you get 4 or more scatters and trigger the free spins feature. 

How many paylines exist in Mighty Wild™ Panther? 

There are no conventional payways in the slot. The way to win is to quickly move to bonus features, as you cannot make winning combinations in the base game. 

What are the bonus features in Mighty Wild™ Panther? 

There are two major bonus features in the slot, Hold the Jackpot and Wild Rampage. To trigger them, you need to land 6 or more of the equivalent bonus symbols in the reels. 

How does the bonus buy mechanic work in Joker Loot? 

As you may have noticed, there are three different bonus buy options in the game. Going for the 64x bet bonus buy will get you 3 scatters with an RTP bump of 96.12%. Similarly, the 79x bonus buy gets you 4 scatters and an RTP of 96.45%, and the 104x bet bonus buy gets you 5 scatters with an RTP of 96.20%. 

How to trigger the Gorgon’s Gaze modifier in Gaze of Gold? 

The Gorgon’s Gaze modifier triggers randomly, so there are no concrete ways to get it. To increase your chances of winning, try out the Golden Bet, which increases the bet for a boost in odds. 

How to Play July 2023 Slots

Are you a rookie in the slot gaming world? No worries, we’ve all been new to this trend at one time or another. 

Maybe you just need a small refresher, we’re not here to judge. Let’s quickly go through some of the fundamentals below: 

1. Look up the slot you want to play on the top right-hand side search icon on our website. If you’re looking for real money slots, then you will have to sign up with real-money online casinos. Alternatively, you can try out all the new online slots for free
2. Let's imagine you chose the Wish Granted slot. Click on the big play icon to start up the game and wait for it to load. 

Wish Granted slot play

3. Click on the “i” button just above the wallet tab and read up on all the rules of the game. 

Wish Granted slot info

4. Now click on the + or - tabs in the center below the reels to adjust your bet. 

Wish Granted slot bet

5. You’re all set! Click on the big spin button marked in red in the image below and enjoy your time! 

Wish Granted slot spin

Which Slot Are You Trying Out First? 

July is bringing back many of the trends that we have been missing in the slot gaming world. Which of the first five slots are you trying out first? Maybe try them all in the order we recommended, or make your own list! 

In any case, practice makes perfect, so before you dive headfirst into real money slots, why not try out these upcoming ones and many more for free right here on SlotsWolf? Check out the best online slots and play them whenever and wherever you want! 

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